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10 Awesome Mac OS Shortcuts You Should Use

Why use Mac OS Shortcuts?

In this post we will see 10 useful Mac OS shortcuts. I made a list of the 10 Awesome Windows PC Keyboard Shortcuts earlier on. These shortcuts can save you a lot of time, improve your productivity and avoid repetitive strain injury. This is due to the fact that you won’t need to use your mouse all the time.


More options (Option + Mouse Click)

With this feature you can find out more options about applications. It’s handy because you get a list, where you can easily choose what action you want to take or information you want to see.


Finely Tuned Volume (Option + Shift + F12)

Many Mac OS users might not know that when you click the volume up or down key it will result in a 6% change. With this command you can precisely set the volume you want due to the 1.5% change instead of 6%. By the way this also works the same way for the brightness key. Cool, right?


Screenshots Galore –
Selected part by mouse (Command + Shift + 4) Whole screen (Command + Shift + 3)

Making a screenshot on a Mac is quite straight forward. After using this command the screenshot will automatically be sent to your desktop for quick and easy access.


Force-Quit (Command + Option + Esc)

Mac OS has a feature similar to the Windows Task Manager. When you use this command a little screen will pop up and it will show you which programs are running. Next to that, you will also be able to choose which program you want to quit. This is handy in case a program freezes and you want to stop running it. May the Force-Quit be with you.


Quick Search for an Item (Command + Space)

This Mac OS Shortcut is useful in case you are for example editing something and you quickly need a file without leaving the editing software. When the window pops up you just need to type exactly what you are looking for and drag it into the editing software after you are done you can close it by pressing Command + Space again so that you can get back to business.


Switch Applications (Command + Tab)

Just like Windows on the Mac OS you can see what programs are currently running. This is especially handy when you have a lot of window clutter and you don’t have a good overview of what programs are open. All you have to do is keep holding down Command and use the tab button to cycle through the applications.


Store Files in a New Folder (Command + Control + N)

This Mac OS  Shortcut is helpful if you have a large amount of files on your desktop, for example. What does it do? Well, this shortcut does not delete those files but stores them up in new folder. You simply use your mouse to select the folders you want to store up and when you enter this shortcut a new folder will automatically be created with all the selected files inside it.


Open In Background Tab (Command + Mouse Click)

When reading an article you often see handy and interesting links you might want to check out, but without leaving the article. This is the perfect keyboard shortcut in this case. When holding in command key you can click the desired link and it will open in the background so that you can check it out later on.


Quick-Lock your Machine (Control + Shift + Power Button)

Let’s say you are working on a very important project, but you have to leave for a meeting or an errand and you don’t want someone to get access to it. A perfect solution is the Quick-Lock keyboard shortcut. When you use this command it will instantly bring your screen to the login panel while your project is still running.  So if someone tries to access your computer they will meet your login panel, and therefore your project will be safe.


Paste Unformatted Text (Command + Shift + V)

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you copy text and you paste it only to find out that the copied text is different from what you typed. That is because you literally copied the text format. To avoid this use this shortcut, when done properly your copied text will look exactly the same as your typed text.

Of course I have not covered all the Mac OS Shortcuts, but I just thought these were handy. Check out this page to see more Mac OS Shortcuts. What other shortcuts do you use? Which ones do you recommend to everyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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