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10 Awesome PC Keyboard Shortcuts

Why use PC Keyboard  Shortcuts?

I am sure almost everyone reading this has used Windows as an operating system before or is using it right now. But do we really know all the ins and outs of this wonderful piece of software? One of the things that makes Windows an extraordinary program is the fact that you have so many PC Keyboard Shortcuts. These can amazingly speed up your productivity behind your desktop or laptop. Well in this article I will be talking about ten short keys you should be using every time you use Windows. If you are using Mac OS don’t worry because I’ve got you covered with 10 awesome Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts in another article.


Show Desktop (Windows Key + D)

Sometimes you are on your computer and then suddenly your teacher or boss walks in while you’re doing something else than your work. But, there is no need to panic because this keyboard shortcut will be your saviour. With this combination of keys you can quickly switch back to the desktop and act as if you were just searching for a program on your Windows desktop.


Reopen Closed Tab (Ctrl + Shift + T)

When we are browsing we often open many tabs. At some point you want to keep a better overview, so you decide to close some tabs. But then most of the time, it occurs that you mistakenly close the wrong tab. Instead of retyping the web address or searching for the closed page in your history list, make use of this shortcut, it’s much easier. This shortcut works for every popular web browser like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Find in Page (Ctrl + F)

This is one of my favourite PC keyboard shortcuts. It helps you find a phrase a on a page. It is especially useful if you are trying to find a word or a phrase in a large piece text, this really saves a lot of time. I recommend this shortcut to any PC user, it also works for the big web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. In addition, if you are trying to find a word or phrase in Microsoft word the shortcut is Ctrl + G.


Screenshot to File (Alt + Print Screen)

Taking screenshots on Windows can be frustrating sometimes. However, to take screenshots you don’t need the Snipping Tool or a third party program. You can do it right from your keyboard. When you take a screenshot the file is saved in the ‘Pictures’ folder in the screenshots file by default.


Quick Lock-down (Windows button + L)

If you want to get off your PC for a quick brake or because you need to do something else, you most likely want to avoid leaving it on to prevent misuse. With this keyboard shortcut you can protect yourself against your annoying little brother or sister who sneaks up behind your PC every time you are absent. Handy, right?


Quick File Copy (Hold in Ctrl while moving with mouse)

The keyboard is not the only way to make use of shortcuts, we can use the mouse too. Many of us copy and paste files on our desktop the good old way, by using the right mouse button. But with this shortcut you can easily select a file and from there drag it where ever you want the copy to be on your desktop.


Delete Word (Ctrl + Backspace)

This PC Keyboard Shortcut is useful when you write a long sentence and you want to edit it again. You no longer need to delete every letter to get to the point where you want to edit. Instead you can delete whole words which speed up the editing and writing.


Switch Windows (Alt + Tab)

When you want to switch between windows you can do this in split seconds. This shortcut makes it very easy to choose which windows you would like to select. Moreover, there is no need for you to reach out to your mouse and then choose the window.


Open File Explorer (Windows key + E)

File Explorer is a very important feature on our Windows computers. Because that is where we can access all our files and documents we store up on our PC. Instead of searching for the File Explorer application, simply use this PC keyboard shortcut and you will have it popped up in less than a second.


View Open Windows (Alt + Tab)

Many of us open a lot of windows, and then you get overwhelmed by going through all the windows with your mouse. This PC keyboard shortcut gives you a much better overview of the open windows. In addition, you can also easily cycle through the programs and choose which one you want to see.


Of course these are not all the shortcuts. I just showed you the the very useful ones. You can learn far more PC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows here. What other shortcuts do you use? Which ones do you recommend to everyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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