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Razer's new Nari Ultimate gaming headset features 'lifelike' haptic feedback

Razer has pulled the curtain back on yet another line of PC gaming headsets, the Nari series. All three of these new gaming headsets come packing THX Spatial Audio, however, the ‘Ultimate’ version does something completely new: hyper-realistic haptic feedback. The feature, co-developed with German engineering firm Lofelt, uses haptic …

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Curved gaming monitor wows with 'UWHD' LCD at 200Hz refresh rate

Curved gaming monitors have become the pinnacle of PC gaming visual hardware, but their curvature has usually limited them from fitting in the most extreme specs. JapanNext has all but ended that with the lengthily-titled JN-35VCG200UWHD, boasting a curved screen with ‘UWHD’ resolution and blazing fast refresh rate. This screen …

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